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G-reyish make a pact in ‘Blood Night’

G-reyish Blood Night

After a break of almost a year, girl group G-reyish finally dropped their first mini album ‘M’ on March 3, 2021.

‘M’ features 7 tracks including a Korean and Japanese version of the title, ‘Blood Night’. The album is composed and arranged by Romantic Sashimi, and produced by Hwang Seob Shin, Insoo Lee, and Sungjin Lee. 

The title track ‘Blood Night‘ is a dance track. As the title suggests, it is related to the presence of demonic creatures, which seem to haunt the girls’ nightmares. The lyrics are about running away from these creatures, who seem to follow them even in daylight. Their dreams and reality are indistinguishable with faded memories resurfacing, and the constant regret of present. 

The flowers have withered, my breath quickens again

I break down as if to break away

Before I get trapped in the long night

I hope this maze of a dream ends

Blood Night translated lyrics

The music video for G-reyish’sBlood Night” shows the girls making a blood pact, to get a wish. The video features the members clad in dark, velvet costumes as they dance around to summon the demon to fulfill their wishes. 

Check out the song here –

G-reyish – Blood Night MV

Image/Video Courtesy: BIGOCEAN ENM

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