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Feel-good with [2Z] TuZi’s first studio album “ACT 1”


2Z (투지) is set to make you miss live performances with their first full-length album “ACT 1” released on 2021.03.04 at 12:00 PM (KST). 

All the members were idols or models before the debut. [2Z] TuZi made a debut on January 14, 2020 under GOGO2020 with “WE TU: ZI” mini-album. There are currently 5 members namely Bum Jun, Ho Jin, Ji Seob, Jung Hyun, and Zunon


Apart from being talented singers and instrumentalists, the boys also stand out for being models and with their average height of 186 cm. If you are looking for some good k-rock bands, definitely checkout 2Z as they tastefully explore the rock, blues, and metal genres. 

The band has been quite active since its debut in 2020. After the release of their first EP “WE TU: ZI” on 14 January 2020, they released their second EP “Nostrum” on 5 May 2020, which was in barely four months. “Let Go For It” their digital track dropped on 1st August, followed by “Not Without You” on 18 September 2020 and “All I Need” on 20 November 2020; all en route to their full-length album “ACT 1”. (These digital singles are a must listen!)

The band’s name is equally fascinating as ‘2’ can be interpreted as to some extent and ‘Z’ being the last letter stands for finality or towards the end. The boys are here to fight for their goals and ambitions till the end, just like their name suggests. 


Feel-good folk, blues, and ballad are all that you can expect from 2z’s first studio album “ACT 1”. The album has a total of 14 tracks, which mainly comprises previously released singles and songs from their EPs along with 3 new tracks. 

ACT 1′ the opening track demands attention with the loud instrumentation of rock music and zestful lyrics. The lyrics “No pain, No tears, I’ll be on your side” is sure to make fans hopeful on bad days.

The second track ‘Doctor is a pre-released track from their second EP Nostrum. ‘All I Need’ is also a pre-released track (3rd digital single in 2020), the song dials from the usual loud music to a soothing melody and sends a clear message that life is worth living. 

[email protected] is one of the title tracks and the b/w video along with the dynamic music gives it the anthem-like vibes. You can watch the video here – 

[2Z] TuZi – [email protected] MV

Not Without You is both a confession and invitation of wanting to be together forever in a dream world. ‘STUPIDis a new addition to their discography. It’s such a summer and goofy song that will have you grinning from ear to ear as you belt out the chorus Oh No! Oh, wap! Oh, oh, oh wap! Oh I’m stupid, I’m, I’m, I’m stupid.

Watch [2Z] TuZi – STUPID MV here

My 1st Herois similar to the previous track; it is catchy and addicting. ‘Not Bad will push you to ride to the rhythm and forget your worries. Keep the promise is a soul-soothing number, encouraging you to be courageous and see-through promises. 

1822 is a party track bound to set you free. Go retro with ‘Let’s go for it; the upbeat rock track is about pursuing love. Roulette is a rock and roll number from their debut EP. ‘Standis a beautiful abounding track to end the album with as it talks about moving forward together. 

Despite their delightful music and steady presence since 2020, they are still awfully underrated. At this point, 2Z is reminding me of the American Indie pop band FUN, in other words, they are really good and have a lot of potential. 

The album is packed with feel-good music and encouraging lyrics that will leave you with enthusiasm.

Artist Instagram: @2zband_official

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