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Enter the ‘EARTH AGE’ with MCND

MCND Earth Age

Soribada Rookie of the year 2020, boy group MCND’s first mini-album ‘EARTH AGE’ is doing rounds on music streaming sites since its release on 20th August. Consisting of 7 songs and a music video, EARTH AGE‘ is a thematic continuation of the group’s previous album ‘Into The Ice Age’.

Seen through 2 versions – Earth and Kepler – the songs come together to tell a story about 5 boys from the earth-like exoplanet Kepler 1649c, who come to earth with a dream of shining on stage. The songs talk about the journey and the hardships faced by them in this process, and the resilience they have practiced in the face of it all to be where they are today. The theme seems to branch into potential future albums, and create an ongoing story-line that holds them all together.

MCND Earth Age
MCND Earth Age

Track List:

  • Intro: 푸른별 (Earth Age)
  • NaNaNa (Title Track)
  • 숨쉬어 (Breathe)
  • Beautiful
  • Galaxy
  • 쾅쾅쾅 (Bumpin’)
  • Outro: 외딴별 (Kepler 1649c)

The title track “Nanana” is accompanied by a music video that easily keeps pace with the energy and expressions of the song. MCND’s tight choreography with innovative camera angles in the previous MVs of Ice Age and Spring is only better if anything this time.

Complete with a title track, Intro, and Outro, ‘EARTH AGE’ combines elements of hip-hop, electropop, dance, dubstep EDM and electronica. High energy drum beats coupled with tight synthesizers can be heard in most songs. Members of the group have taken an active part in the making of the album.

Notable is the group leader Castle J, who has taken part not only in the composition and arrangement of multiple songs, but also in writing all the songs, especially being the sole writer of the intro and outro. Huijun and Win are the other members that have worked on the lyrics.

Do you know MCND?

MCND is a 5 member boy group under TOP Media. They debuted with “Into The Ice Age” on 27 February 2020, with the motto “Music Creates New Dream”. The group is made up of members Castle J, Minjae, BIC, Huijun, and Win. Their pre-debut single “Top Gang” from January was woven by members Castle J, BIC, and Win. “Spring” was their last release, a digital single that came out in April.

MCND has won the title of the New Artist Award at Soribada 2020, along with TOO and Cravity. It sure is hard to believe this group is a beginner, isn’t it?

MCND’s latest mini-album “EARTH AGE” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Don’t forget to check out the music video for the title track ‘Nanana‘ here –

MCND – Nanana

Media courtesy of MCND official Instagram and Twitter


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