eAeon releases new single ‘Don’t’ feat. RM

eAeon released his new music video for the song ‘Don’t’ featuring BTS’s leader RM on 30 April 2021. The song is part of eAeon’s second album ‘Fragile’.

eAeon is a singer-songwriter who made his debut in 2004 as part of the grout Mot, an Indie rock band. He then became the part of the Duo Night Off in 2018. He has previously collaborated with RM on the song ‘BADBYE’ from the album ‘Mono’ in 2018.

Written and composed by eAeon himself, the album consists of 11 tracks and features the artists JCLEF and Swervy. With tracks from genres like Soul and R&B, the track list for the album is as follows-

  1. Don’t (feat. RM)
  2. I Just
  3. Bye Bye
  4. Null (feat. JCLEF)
  5. Nights Gone By
  6. Maybe
  7. Btfl Mind
  8. I Wonder
  9. Mad Tea Party (feat. Swervy)
  10. Let’s Get Lost
  11. Evermore

With lyrical insight from RM the song is of the journey of a couple whose relationship ends and are now overwhelmed by the loneliness.

Our home is here, it’s us

We’ve been through worse

This can’t be the end of us

So many things left un-done

Don’t- eAeon (feat. RM)

The lyrics are represented by the music video featuring a couple. Many scenes show the couple engaged in everyday activity and how they seem inseparable. But in time things transition to a point where they ae tired and let go. Letting go drives them to feel lonelier than ever and the two are worried if they will be forgotten eventually like how they fade from each other’s memories in the music video.

Don’t- eAeon (feat. RM)

RM’s verses are the highlight of the song as it holds a lot of meaning and drives the whole song.

What color are waves

White as snow when they break

Did you survive the drift ok

Still as a pebble, could you stay

Turn on the moon

In my small chimney, could you stay

Don’t- eAeon (feat. RM)

The first few lines refer to how thundering waves hit the shore only to disperse as tiny bubbles. These waves are metaphorically used to express the growth and fall of a relationship. The waves are strong enough to erode a rock into mere pebbles. These pebbles are memories that the two share and is all that’s left now.

Don’t take away the name only you know

I don’t need magic

I hate any wildflowers

Don’t be new

Just be here

Stay here, don’t go

Don’t-eAeon (feat. RM)

Probably everyone’s favorite phase of a relationship is when everything feels perfect and the two are elated. “the butterflies in the stomach” phase which is referred to as magic in this case eventually disappears. The lyrics represent how desperate they have become and to overcome the loneliness they hope to be together again even if the “magic” was missing.

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IMAGE Credits- ACM Agency
VIDEO Credits- Kakao Entertainment

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