DONGKIZ Look For Their Lost Selves in ‘Beautiful’

Known for their strong and mature concepts, boy group DONGKIZ is back with their 3rd single album ‘自我 The Conscious’ on 19 August 2020.

The title track Beautiful is a trap song with old western motifs and is composed by AKB and DONO. The dark yet deep lyrics give off the message that ‘one lives peacefully only after fully accepting oneself’.

Through the lyrics, members confront their inner selves. In a world with fake faces and plastered smiles, they hid their true selves to shine. The innocence that they dismissed off as childish and naive comes to them as an intense craving. 

‘I don’t look for you in a mirror that is already broken

I look for the real you, but it’s not you’

DONGKIZ – Beautiful

Losing their innocence is what made them realize they were already beautiful. The dark mask they kept hidden all these years cannot be contained anymore. A whole life is not enough to make amends, for what is lost cannot be found anymore. 

The music video is equally dark as it shows the members struggling between the past and the present. The ties of the past aren’t letting them move. The music video was shot in an abandoned building and is packed with an enticing choreography. 

Check out the song here –

DONGKIZ – Beautiful

Image/Video courtesy : Dongyo Entertainment

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