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DKB is ready to “Work Hard” for their “Growth”!

DKB Growth

DKB released their 3rd mini-album “GROWTH” on 25 October 2020. The album consists of five songs – “Work hard”, “Tell Me Tell Me”, “Take Care”, “Eraser” and “No More”. They have also released an official music video for their title track “Work Hard“. 

You can watch the video for ‘Work Hard‘ here!

DKB – Work Hard

GROWTH is the third episode of their four-part series and talks about how young people grow up dealing with love and facing separation, slowly learn and move towards the future. 

Deep Diving in “GROWTH”! 

Work Hard

It is the title track of the mini-album and is of hip-hop and R&B genre. The song portrays the story of DKB working hard in the present, to grow and enjoy a wonderful future with their beloved people.

DKB are ready to face difficulties, work hard and to finally succeed. 

 The chorus is a looped one and has the lyrics “Every day, I Work [Hard], for you” is sung in a highly addictive fashion. With simple musical instruments, an addictive plucking source and a heavy baseline, it creates a dreamy atmosphere, maximizing the song’s appeal to the listeners. 

9 to 5로는 부족해 9 to 9
(9 to 5 feels less, [so] 9 to 9 )
너만의 남자가 되기 위해서 난
(For being your man, I)
Until the day I ballin’
다 줄게 네게 All-in
(I will give everything, all-in)
너와의 미래를 위해
(For a future with you)
너의 행복을 위해
(For your happiness)

Work Hard – DKB

The choreography is very vibrant yet easy to follow. The music video is beautifully shot and gets even more catchy with colourful stage-outfits and sets like an office, car shop and a laboratory. Along with high-quality performance from the members in all verticals, be it vocal, dance or visual appeal, it leaves a great impact on the viewers. 

Tell Me Tell Me 

The song is of the retro-pop genre. It is impressive how well the mastered and mixed the song is, the old with new school pop. This harmonious cocktail blends so well, it almost reaches the funk genre because of its rhythmic baseline. The lyrics to the song are fresh, and they talk about confirming the other person’s feelings. 

Take Care 

This song is an interesting combination of a sad melody on the piano and a groovy hip-hop baseline. It has a calm yet persuasive effect on the listener. DKB’s smooth vocals’ and rap transcend from heaven and flow into the track. 

The lyrics are about the last greeting with a beloved. Even though one still has lingering feelings, one can do nothing but say “Goodbye, please live a better life even without me” trying to grasp the current situation.  


A groovy hip-hop and Rn&B song with a guitar strumming and a looping bass is a collaboration between producers Red Cookie and DKB. The lyrics express what feeling one might go through facing an unwanted separation.

DKB says it’s better to deal with their feelings honestly. People who have left us cannot be erased even if they try to erase themselves. They only realize that the more these feelings are erased the more it is becoming clearer – they miss the ones who have left. 

No More 

It is a core hip-hop song. The members of DKB have participated in writing the lyrics and composing the song. It talks about the aftermath of the breakup. How the comfort, emotional support, and warmth of the people around one makes it harder to get over someone. It is a song that expresses the paradoxically complex emotions felt on the inside as opposed to the outward appearance of negligence and ignorance for such emotions. 

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