DKB dives “All In” in their first full length album

South Korean boy group, DKB has released their first full-length album titled, The dice is cast” on March 30, 2021, along with the music video for the title track,All In”. This album is the fourth and final installment to their four part story starting with their debut mini-album,Youth“.

The album consists of ten songs in total, with three new songs as well as songs from previous albums, “Youth”, “Love” and “Growth”. Through all these songs the album tries to show the journey that DKB has had since the beginning, culminating in them diving all in for love.

Song Credits

All In is a song of the dance-pop genre with a groovy rhythm. It has been written and composed by Brave brother, Maboos, and Red Cookie.

Watch the music video forAll Inhere –

All In by DKB

In previous releases from DKB, we’ve seen the members sing about the experiences and emotions felt during youth, facing challenges in getting to know one self and finding true love. In this latest release, “All In”, it talks about finding love in a mature way and giving everything into this relationship. This can be seen in the lyrics,

“I said I wouldn’t love you,

Now I’m dying when I can’t reach you,

It would be great if you only look at me,

I will give it all to you,

Baby you in my heart,

I’ll give it all.”

All In by DKB

The stellar vocal and rap performance by the members highlight the meaning of the song beautifully. The addition of the groovy rhythm onto the piano melody also accounts for a very catchy hook.

Still from the music video (All In by DKB)

The music video for the song shows the members’ acting skills as we see them looking dejected showcasing the emotional nature of the song, before breaking into scenes of the powerful dance choreography which shows their passion for this love.


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