Dive underwater with SHINee’s new release ‘Atlantis’

Almost 2 months after their last comeback, SHINee is back with their 7th repackaged album ‘ATLANTIS’

Atlantis features 3 new songs ‘Atlantis’, ‘Area’, ‘Days and Years’, along with 9 songs from their February release, thus making it a full length album.

The songs are composed by Matt Thomson, Max Graham, James F Reynolds, Gabriel Brandes, Britt Pols, and ARCADE. Group member Minho along with rappers Changmo and Colde participated in the writing of the songs. 

The title song “Atlantis” is a pop dance song that features strings, bass, and percussion sounds combined on the rhythmic guitar and bass line, and the members’ cool vocals give SHINee’s unique freshness. 

The song uses the lost city of Atlantis as a motif for love. It describes love as uncharted territory, where there are endless ways to go about it, without ever knowing if you’ll reach the bottom end or not. The lyrics compare the strong attraction one feels towards their loved one, metaphorically putting it with defying the pull of gravity and moving towards the bottom of the ocean despite all the pressure. 

It’s like we’re underwater, it keeps getting deeper

I’ll embrace you as you rush over to me

Take my breath away

Atlantis Translated Lyrics

The aqua themed music video starts off in the ’80s themed store named Atlantis. The members can be seen performing a synchronized choreography in the ocean themed store. 

Check out the song ‘Atlantis‘ here –

SHINee Atlantis MV

Image/Video Courtesy: SM Entertainment

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