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Demian’s Love% out now!


Rookie soloist Demian dropped his 4th single album ‘A Blue not Blues’ on 4 March 2021. The album features two songs ‘Love% ft. DAWN’ and ‘One More Night’; with the latter being written and produced by the singer himself. 

The album title plays on the connotations of the colour ‘blue‘ which denotes both a refreshing sensation and sadness. The album successfully pairs a sad sentiment with the detached yet aloof symbolism of an urban city. 

The title track ‘Love%‘ contemplates the cost of love. The singer talks about how love has made the worthless place he lived in better while questioning the cost he had to pay for it. 

But the city I survived

This was a place without a single hope

The city I survived

I had to pay the price of everything that was good

Love% translated lyrics

The moody music video personifies the singer fighting his demons. He is seen arguing with, fighting, and cursing all the parts of him ruining his life. 


Image/Video Courtesy: SME Korea Inc.

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