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D-CRUNCH ‘Daydream’ of the Past in new album

D-Crunch Day Dream

Korean boygroup D-CRUNCH released their fourth mini-album ‘DAYDREAM’ on April 6, 2021.

A total of five tracks are included in the album, including the title track My Name”, “Time to Go To You”, “Childlike”, “Sandseong” and “My Name (Inst.). The album is written, composed, and arranged by Bull$EyE (bullseye), BOYTOY, Ondine, Disko, and OV

The album is composed of three dream concepts: ‘Memory’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘Daydream’. In the past, “Memory” is a dream that contains their wish to return to the past by recalling happy moments again, and “Nightmare” compares the reality of wanting to be left alone and denied as if it were a nightmare, expressing that however much they want to break free, it remains a reality. And lastly, “Daydream” expresses the sad feeling of never wanting to wake up, dreaming of a future that they couldn’t achieve through unrealistic dreams.

‘My Name’ is a dance song of Future Bass genre, and narrates the fateful story of being reborn as someone you love brings you back to life. The reborn person goes through their entire life feeling as if they are in a dream, with a strong sense of déjà vu. 

I want to end this night

So that can get out of this way (Hurry up)

Just call out my name

Call me

Hold my hand

My Name Translated Lyrics

The music video brings the dark, sultry tone of the song to screen. In the video, the members experience the déjà vu mentioned in the lyrics. 

Check out the song ‘My Name‘ here –

[MV] D-CRUNCH- My Name

Image/Video Courtesy: Kakao Entertainment

Artist Instagram: @d_crunch_official

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