COCO sings about her monotone life in ‘LATELY’

Korean-American soloist Coco recently released her new single ‘Lately’. The single, along with its music video, was made public on the 21st of February, 2020.

Watch the Music Video for Coco (코코) – Lately (feat. G2):

The song, less than 3 minutes in length, features rapper G2 who is also credited as lyricist of the song along with Soovi . UGP and Soovi are also mentioned as the composer for the song. The arrangement is done by UGP, made obvious by his producer tag at the beginning of the song.

The song is a soft-pop, R&B production having mellow vocals on top of it. The rap verse adds a little spice to the song, which works out quite well. It is written and sung in English for the majority of its duration, with only a few Korean lines. The rap verse in particular is fully in English.

The lyrics are about the lack of excitement in the artist’s life. She talks about how there’s no fun in her life and the emptiness is filling her. G2 then talks about how life is only exciting when he is with his significant other. The song is meant to resonate with the people who are experiencing this kind of empty days, in the hopes of comforting them.

The music video for Coco’s Lately can be vaguely summed up as a compilation of visually pleasing shots of her trying to have fun. She tries out things that most people find fun, but to no avail. She remains discontent even after all those shots.

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Image: Lately – 벅스 (

Video: Stone Music Entertainment / rilaccoco 코코로 – YouTube

courtesy of LEECOCO

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