CLASSMATE’s latest track ‘Our Moment’ out now

K-pop trio CLASSMATE are back with their  EP, ‘Three and One: Three Primary Colors Page 3’, released on May 3 2021 along with a music video for the title track “Our Moment“. The EP marks the final story of their ‘Three and One: Three Primary Colors’ project.  

The album features 5 songs, and is produced and written by the members themselves. 

The title “Our Moment” is a rock sound number, and is the first of the genre to be released since their debut. The lyrics express the pain and regret of parting. The singer urges the separated lover to think of them sometimes, since the heart has yet to let go of the regret, leading to the listeners’ sympathy. 

Little by little, our traces have been erased.

When I miss even the slightest quarrel.

In times like that

Our Moment Translated Lyrics

The music video for “Our Moment” shows the story of a boy who unwittingly falls in love with a girl who is committed to someone else. The video shows the slow escalation of his feelings, and the sudden crash when the truth comes out. The love interest is played by singer Kim Minseo

Watch the video here:

CLASSMATE – Our Moment

Image/Video Courtesy: HappyFace Entertainment

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