Cherry Bullet sound sweeter than candy in track, “Love So Sweet”

South Korean girl group, Cherry Bullet have released their first mini-album titled, “Cherry Rush” on January 20, 2021, along with a music video for the album’s title track, “Love So Sweet”. The album’s name is a spin on the term ‘sugar rush’ and true to its name is like a burst of energy this new year.

Watch the music video for Love So Sweet here –

Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

The album consists of five tracks in total, with the title track being written and composed by Youngbae Seo and Minky (RBW).“Love SoSweet” is a song of the Synth pop genre with a retro sound. It is an uplifting song that makes the listener feel a sense of happiness.

Song credits

The song talks about being in a kind of love that is described as being so sweet, that it is sweeter than candy. It is a love that makes one’s heart race and feels like a secret between the two lovers. The feelings of this sweet love is expressed in lyrics such as,

“My heart is racing,

Lubb-dupp, Lubb-dupp.

It’s beating like a drum,

Even the noise sounds sweet,

You make me feel excited, shhh.

Sweeter than candy,

Sweeter than chocolate,

Come closer, let’s make tonight special,

Love Love Love so sweet.”

Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

We get to hear the member’s sweet vocals along with the raps in the bridge express the meaning of the song very well. The song is also especially catchy due to its use of whistle in the chorus, adding to the entire mood of the song.

Still from music video ( Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet)

The music video of the song is filled with colour, predominantly pink, as the members perform their stunning choreography in colourful attires. It captures the essence of the song brilliantly serving as a perfect accompaniment to the song.

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Cherry Bullet – Cherry Rush


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