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BTS ‘Film Out’ in their new Japanese Single!

On midnight (KST) April 2, 2021, BTS released their latest Japanese single ‘Film Out‘, which also serves as an OST for the Japanese remake of the hit movie ‘Signal‘.

The single is produced by member Jungkook, alongside J-Rock band Back Number. The single will also feature in the group’s upcoming Japanese collection album ‘BTS, The Best’.

The song compares a rotting tree that is too far decayed, unable to get any nutrients but still stuck there to a relationship that has been left discarded for too long and is now too damaged to get any help. It is like reaching for someone who is already long ago, someone who only lives in memories now. The song ends on the note of sadness, and helplessness because of the inability to control the disappearance of the person that once was.

Decay too far gone absorbing no light or water

Sealing my wounded heart with a rootless, leafless vow

Two glasses placed side by side, their role

Never fulfilled, ah, just as thеy were

Since you last touchеd them

Film Out Translated Lyrics

The music video connects with the previous music videos and the Bangtan Universe (BTS music videos’ fictional universe). Following the BU storyline, where Jin still hasn’t been able to save everyone and is stuck in the time loop, in the music video, he seems to be looking for the key to the loop. There are also several parallels drawn between Jin and Taehyung, indicating his special place in the loop.

Signal’ is a sci-fi crime thriller movie where a cold case investigation team makes contact with a team from 2009 through an old walkie-talkie, and solve the case of suspicious deaths while connecting the clues from past and present. Directed by Hajime Hashimoto, ‘Signal’ hits cinemas on April 2, 2021.

BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Film out’ Official MV

Image/Video courtesy: Big Hit Entertainment

Artist SNS: Twitter

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