BORA (BGH4) who always has a new and fresh approach to music released her new album ‘UNFORGETTABLE‘ on 8th, December, 2020 with the title track being ‘MOONLIGHT STARS‘. Along with a deep voice, distinct singing ability and personality, BGH4’s Bora has always captivated the audience with various genres such as R&B and Pop Ballads and OSTs for various dramas.

This album’s title song “Moonlight Star” has a very attractive style of Brazilian music which is derived from samba but has more emphasis on melody and less on percussion (Bossa Novaa rhythm). This transforms the mood with it’s medium tempo full of jazz vibes.

This song expresses the feeling of a woman waiting alone trying to paint her love with no colors left on the palette. With just the memories of her boyfriend after a break up she tries to express the heart of a woman ‘s desperate anticipation in a calm and very emotional way. This song’s phonic and lyrical elements take you on a visual journey.

The singer sings in a very nostalgic tone throughout the song as she lets out all her memories from the past while singing for her partner. She also talks about how desperately she needs her lover back in her life because that feeling of true love will never go away completely and there is no easy way to unlove a person. This is a song filled with the feeling of regret, melancholy, longing and denial but slowly moving towards the stage of acceptance. The story telling in this song takes you on an impressive emotional ride.

The music video fully expresses sadness, loneliness and heartbreak. Depicting the feeling of flashing back of memories the mv perfectly tones with the sentiment of the song creating a nostalgic atmosphere for the audience .

[MV] BORA(보라)(BGH4) _ Moonlight Star(달빛 별)

Producer-Do-hoon Kim

Composer- Do-hoon Kim

Lyrics-Seongjin Hwang, Nayah

Arrangement- Seokju Lee, Dohoon Kim

Image / Video courtesy – NEW C.C.C

© ℗ 2020 NEW C.C.C., under licence to kakao M corp.

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