BoA exclaims to do even “BETTER” than before!

Legendary soloist BoA who celebrated her 20th anniversary this year, released her 10th full-length album “BETTER on the 1st of December. The album BETTER” consists of a total of eleven songs. With three self-composed songs and one self-written song, BoA showcases her versatility as a musician. She has pursued different music genres through the non-title tracks – All that Jazz, Cloud, Cut Me Off, Temptations, Got Me Good, Honey and Diamonds, Start Over, Gravity, L.O.V.E. and Little Bird.  

You can watch the official music video for the title track “Better“, which was also released along with the album, here!

BoA 보아 ‘Better’ MV 

Delving into the title “Better” 

The Video  

The music video is an abstract performance video with a crew of dancers supporting BoA throughout the video. The choreography is simple, yet has a lot of small details that make it very impactful. It portrays BoA in a few interesting setups – the circular bars, a room with thunder ceiling, a glittering desert and a room filled with chromatic pipes. Overall its a very high production video with BoA as the centre-point of this abstract stage.

The Music  

The music sounds like the early 2000s because it lies between the R&B and dance genres. The song is sampled on British singer AWA‘s track “Like I Do” and arranged in a manner such that it suits BoA

The track “Better” is Sampled on AWA’s song “Like I do”!

It features a heavy bass line with soft drum kicking at the beginning. BoA’s strong vocals lead the song into the chorus which is a step above in the key from the rest of the track. The bridge is sung powerfully yet does not overwhelm the listener. Interestingly the bridge leads to another heavy bass pre-chorus instead of a high-pitched final chorus.  

The Lyrics 

The song talks about having the guts to walk up and express love. The lyrics bring out the discontent and frustration of when the loved one is childish and takes everything too lightly. BoA yearns for them to throw away this immaturity, as their paths have crossed and their time has begun. ‘When it comes to love, hiccups like hesitation do not hold a place.

Can’t nobody 
Tell you how to do it oh 
선택은 너의 몫 
(The choice is yours) 
도전을 해봤나 해볼까 
(Have you ever taken a challenge? Shall we?) 
With the thought 
From my paradigm

Better – BoA

Listen to the full album on Spotify here! 

Music, video and Image courtsey – SM Entertainment, Dreamus

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