Blue.D and her steps toward ‘Independence’

Soloist Blue.D dropped her new single titled ‘Independence (독립)‘ on February 28, 2020. An official visualizer was also released simultaneously. It’s her first official release after parting ways with former company YGX.

In true sense of the song, the artist herself took on the roles of lyricist, composer as well as producer for the song.

Watch the Official Visualizer for Blue.D – 독립 (Independence) here:

Blue.D – Independence

The song falls under the ballad genre. It starts with melodic and slow instrumentals. It later picks up a bit of weight with the addition of kicks and snares. Still, at no point in time does it feel that the instrumentals are overwhelming the vocals. The vocal is the driving factor of the song and having a voice like hers is definitely a great advantage. Her voice and the mellow composition make the song very pleasant and soothing.

The song is about the post-break-up phase where the person is trying to gain independence from the relationship and move on. She talks about the different scenarios where she’ll now be alone and will have to endure it. The song holds the feeling of lingering emotions and the hesitation to move on. However, it proceeds towards the end with the statement that she’ll forget the other person. The last line of the song seeks confirmation if they’re independent, for the last time.

Listen to her mesmerizing voice on Spotify:

The visualizer captures Blue.D as she sings Independence in front of the microphone.


Image:독립 – 벅스 (

Video: Blue.D / 블루디 – YouTube

Courtesy of Blue.D Company [(주)블루디컴퍼니 under license to Genie Music Corporation]

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