BIBI calls out her life in ‘BAD SAD AND MAD’ [Life is a Bi…]

Singer-songwriter BIBI made a comeback on 28 April 2021, with an EP and a music video for the lead single ‘BAD SAD AND MAD‘. The EP is called ‘Life is a Bi…‘ and has a total of 5 songs, including another title track with the same name as the EP.

BIBI has been pretty active in 2021. She already released a no. of OSTs as well as a single album before this EP.

Watch the music video for 비비 (BIBI) ‘BAD SAD AND MAD’ here:

The credits for all the tracks on the EP are almost identical. BIBI wrote the lyrics for all 5 tracks, as well as co-composed them.  stevenc4stle has arranged and co-composed all the songs as well. badassgatsby is the only other person on the credit sheet, as the co-composer of ‘BAD SAD AND MAD‘.

The theme of the EP, as mentioned by the company, is to blame life for the frustrations and hardships. The artist empties herself for a moment to let go of the frustration and set herself free. The title song ‘BAD SAD AND MAD‘, majorly in English, seems to be about the physical manifestation of the hardships throughout the artist’s lifetime. It has many instances of inflicting harm, such as the lines – “You blued my bruise, Spank me with ties” or “Break my bone and Purple my eyes“.

Keeping the lyrics aside, the production itself doesn’t feel dark; instead, it is something that you’ll groove to. The harmonies and the vocal ad-libs are very essential to the song and give it a boost. Overall, it’s a song that allows you to break a step while also overthink about life.

Listen to the EP on Spotify:


Image: 인생은 나쁜X – 벅스 (

Video: 필굿뮤직[FeelGhoodMusic] – YouTube


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