Baekhyun wants to ‘Get You Alone’

EXO‘s Baekhyun‘s long awaited Japanese mini-album ‘BAEKHYUN’ was finally released in Korea. 

The retro R&B style album shows off Baekhyun’s artistic side. The album is produced by Andy Love and Alawn, and lyrics by Junji Ishiwatari

The album features 6 tracks, including the title track ‘Get You Alone’ which was released two weeks in advance of the album release. Apart from the title, the album features “Addicted”, “WHIPPIN'”, “Drown”, “Disappeared”, and “Stars”.

The title track ‘Get You Alone’ is a peppy R&B track. In the song, the singer plays the role of the ultimate Casanova, who cannot be ‘tied’ down by love. One form of love is never enough to satiate anyone, the ones who deny are just lying to themselves. When has freedom ever been an inconvenience? Love is a risky game that he does not want to play. He is not going to be the one to compromise on anything, be it love, work, or play. 

I want to get all that this heart wants

I’m not greedy, I just want to be honest

Aren’t I a bad boy?

Baekhyun ‘Get You Alone’ translated lyrics

The music video shows a lovesick nerd Baekhyun who after getting shot down by his crush, approaches love guru Baekhyun for advice. Through the duration of the video, love guru Baekhyun guides nerd Baekhyun through the six chapters of How to woo a Woman. 

Check out the song here.

BAEKHYUN ベクヒョン ‘Get You Alone’ MV

Image/Video Courtesy: Create Music Publishing

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