B.O.Y is back with a heartfelt single “Miss You”

B.O.Y (B of You) released their second EP “Phase two: WE” on 15 September 2020. The EP is the sequel to their first EP “Phase one: YOU” which came out early this year. The album contains a total of five tracks including the title track “MISS YOU” and the pre-released track “MY ANGEL” for which music videos were released. The album has songs that come under the R&B, Ballad, and Dance-pop genre.

B.O.Y – My Angel

The group which made their debut in 2019, is a duo formed from old members of the group MYTEENKim Kookheon and Song Yuvin. Both members had also taken part in Mnet’s survival show “Produce X 101” and Yuvin had made it all the way to the finals. The name B of You which was chosen by fans stands for Both of You and Best of You.

The song is a very dreamy one with mid-tempo beats and instrumentals consisting of the piano, drums, and synth. The members voice control and key notes are showcased perfectly making it a heartfelt song.

I won’t forget the eyes I looked a

I will keep you deep in my heart forever

B.O.Y – Miss You

The lyrics is a compilation of thoughts and memories of someone who is missed. Each seasons passing is a reminder of the one they love. Not being able to forget their sweet gaze they confess that their very existence is the energy that drives them. The members expressed their thoughts over the song and convey that the song is not limited to lovers but can be between anyone who share any type of love.

What to say, your existence is so precious

It’s located deep in my heart and I can’t easily forget

B.O.Y – Miss You

The music video uses props like food that you would share with a loved one- pizza and ice cream, stuffed dolls, a camera, and popcorn from the movies; these props represent the time spent together and the small things that are special. The use of yarn throughout the video as an aesthetic is also theorized to have meaning as the threads that keep loved ones connected.

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IMAGE/VIDEO COURTESY – Official Stone Music Entertainment

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