ASTRO is back with their second studio album ‘ALL YOURS’

K-pop boy group ASTRO made a comeback on 5 April 2021 with their second studio album ‘All Yours’. The group even released the MV for the title track ‘ONE’ on the same day at 6 PM KST. 

Lately, ASTRO has been experimenting with the darker generic K-pop sound mixed with their unique style and is seen leaning towards a more mature sound. 


‘Dear my Universe’ is the first track on the album. The song has a certain ease to it thanks to the upbeat yet chill atmosphere. The song ‘Butterfly Effect’ is quite a smooth flowing, catchy and upbeat track.

You can watch the music video for ‘ONE‘ here –


At the first listen, ‘ONE’ might sound like a generic K-pop song, however, you will realize how ASTRO has infused their own style to it. The video doesn’t disappoint, it’s packed with strong choreography and visuals all the way. The chorus goes as such – 

Me next to you 

The world gets bigger than the universe 

Moving each other forever

Cause we come as one


‘Someone Else’ is the song where the rap sections stand out the most, while the song ‘SNS’ is of R&B soul genre.

In case you miss the signature ASTRO style of music, then you’ll enjoy the tracks ‘All Good’ and ‘All Stars’.

‘Our Spring’, relies on a slower tempo song that builds up to a chorus and I love it. Is it just me or songs with spring in the title have a way of moving you deeply?

The galaxy that shines brightly with you

Got me stargaze, I’m not lonely anymore 

ASTRO – Our Spring

The last two tracks of the album – ‘Stardust’ and ‘Gemini’ are light on the music and lets you enjoy their beautiful vocals.


ASTRO debuted under Fantagio Music on 23 February 2016 with the mini-album Spring Up. They produced multiple mini albums between 2016 – 2019 up until their first full-length album ‘All Light’ in 2019 and long-awaited follow-up ‘All Yours’ this year.

The period between the two studio albums also witnessed mini albums ‘Blue Flame’ and ‘Gateway’. ASTRO even came up with their first subunit, Moonbin & Sanha, releasing mini-album ‘In-Out’ with the title track ‘Bad Idea’ and Cha Eunwoo was seen starring in hit tvN drama, True Beauty.

Let us know which is your favorite track from the album so far!

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