AleXa explores a more emotional side in track, “오랜만이야 (Never Let You Go)”

South Korean soloist, AleXa has released her latest digital single titled, “오랜만이야 (Never Let You Go)” on January 14, 2021, along with a music video for the same. The song is quite different from her previous releases, as she shows a more vulnerable and softer side to her.

The female artist is known for her bold and fierce A.I. Avatar in her usual music videos and songs, that take place in a multiverse. This song explores a more human aspect of her Avatar, called ‘AleXa_H(eart)’. The song “Never Let You Go” is the first installment to her new project “PARTS”, which seeks to show the various aspects or ‘parts’ of the A.I. character that is AleXa.

Watch the music video for Never Let You Go here –

AleXa – Never Let You Go

The song has been written by Joo Yeon Jeong and Seongjin Hwang, while being composed by high seAson and Seonmin Paik. It is of the ballad genre as it showcases an emotional side to the artist. 

“Never Let You Go” is a song that mourns the loss of one’s love. It reminisces about this lost love and expresses the regret one feels for not appreciating it when having the chance to do so. These feelings are seen in lyrics such as,

“As far as I know because we were always together,

And too young, I didn’t know just how precious you were,

If I meet you again, I will take your hand,

I will tell you, ‘I’ll never let you go.'”

AleXa – Never Let You Go

AleXa’s soft and emotive vocals along with the sound of the piano and guitar in the background, lend to the overall atmosphere of the song, as well as expressing its meaning beautifully.

Still from the music video (AleXa – Never Let You Go)

The music video of the song shows AleXa walking amongst nature during the cold winters as she reminisces the times spent together with her lover. The video creates a sombre mood, complimenting the song well.

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AleXa – Never Let You Go


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