A painful wait awaits you in Lucia’s Moonflower

As a follow up to LUCIA’s (심규선) single album “Lunar Phase: A side (월령: 上)”, the singer released a single album titled “월령: 下” or “Lunar Phase: B side”, along with the lyric video for the title track ‘Moonflower (야래향 夜來香)’. The single album was released on 14 December 2020, while its predecessor was made public on 22 November 2020.

The year 2020 also marks Lucia’s 10th anniversary as an artist, since her debut in 2010 with “첫번째, 방”.

The singer has written and composed all the tracks of the album, while Yang Si-on has arranged the songs.

Watch the Official Lyric Video for Moonflower (야래향 夜來香) by Lucia here:

Lucia – Moonflower

The essence of heartbreak, despair and loneliness is very prominent. The poetic writing tries to convey the emotion and the vocals execute them beautifully. Past memories and songs they sang together are remembered. The artist also speculates the outcome if they had never met each other. They ask what should they do while they wait. With all the emotions intact, the song ends with the words “I loved You”.

About the music, It’s tailor-made to reciprocate the feelings that the lyrics tend to pass on. Piano and the string instruments work in a beautiful combination throughout. The song picks up a bit of energy with the introduction of bass and drums. It ends in a very rock-ballad fashion.

Although the video is a lyrics video, that doesn’t stop it from portraying a story. The animated video depicts a heartwarming tale of a person and a wild creature. It shows the wild creature being tamed by the love of a person, while the others try to hunt him down. SPOILER! It ends on a rather sad note, with the person taking the arrow for the creature to escape. The opening and closing frame of the video shows the stone structure meant as a grave for the person, with a flower on top.


Image: Bugs Music [월령: 下 – 벅스 (bugs.co.kr)]

Video: 1theK Official YT

Courtesy of GYU 2020., KAKAO M

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