A ‘Gambler’ in a game of love, Monsta X

Monsta X released the music video for the single ‘Gambler’ on 1 June 2021. The song is part of their new mini album ‘One Of a Kind’ which contains a total of 7 tracks including the title track.

Monsta X

Their previous release was the album ‘Fatal Love’ in November 2020. The group debuted in 2015 with the mini album ‘Trespass’ under Starship Entertainment as a group of 7, now a group of 6 since the departure of member Wonho.


Song NameWritten and Composed by
GamblerLee Joo Heon, Ok Jae Won, Lee Jin Ho,
Kim Joo Young, Kim Min Sung
HeavenOk Jae Won, Lee Jin Ho, Lee Joo Heon,
Kim Min Sung
AddictedHarold Philippon, Jun Jae Hyun,
Jung Sung Chul, Yoon San, Lee Yun Joo
SecretsChae Hyung Won, Jantine Annika Heij,
Justin Oh
BEBEShin Chang Yong, Yejune Synn,
Sohn Young Woong
RotateIm Chang Kyun, Choi Jae Wook,
Choi Yoon Seok
Livin it up (Korean Version)Albin Nordqvist, Tommy Clint
Song Credits
Monsta X – Gambler

The music video for the title track ‘Gambler’ is a story is of a surprise auction that tests the members quick wits and capabilities. The song compares the temptations of gambling to that of love. Despite trying to run away and not fall prey to the attraction, their attempts seem to go in vain.

So sweet, I fall into your smile

I’m obsessed with your tricks

Even if I try to push you away

Even if I try to forget you

This trembling heart callin’ you now

Monsta X – Gambler

‘Gambler’ is a dance pop song written and composed by some of the members of Monsta X. The song has an intense bear accompanied by the electric guitar to offer some very notable sections in the song. With a perfect combination of vocals and rap combined with a cool concept, the song is quite catchy.

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IMAGE/VIDEO Courtesy- Starship Entertainment

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