A.C.E. Entwines Folklore With Music In ‘Favorite Boys’

Boy group A.C.E dropped their 4th mini album “HJZM: Butterfly Phantasy” on 2 September 2020. 

The five-part album is composed by MAD FRESH, with lyrics by Hwang Yubin

The title track ‘Favorite Boys’ is a dance/EDM track with a combination of intense synth sound and retro house beat. 

The album mixes Asian Folklore with music, and experiments modern retelling of the famous lores with different genres of music. The title track takes inspiration from the legend of the Goblin, where the imagery of being born as one’s perceived ideal self is created. The song represents a world where emotions cannot be expressed to the fullest, again taking on from the ancient tale.

Don’t compare, whatever you do, whatever you try on, we do it better

 Even if i look at it from a distance

A.C.E – Favorite Boys

Prior to the release of the album, the group released a series of concept photos, exploring various themes to set the mood for the release. The concept photos depicted recreations of the various folktales.

A.C.E-HJZM (Butterfly Phantasy)

In the music video for ‘Favorite Boys’, we see a different look of the boys with the astonishing display of makeup, fashion, and choreography. Their unique looks also show off vibrant costumes consisting of glitter, crop tops, customized hanboks, and many more. 

Watch the enticing music video here.

A.C.E.- Favorite Boys


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